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Pinterest accounts need a good spring cleaning just like your home does.  While the task might seem daunting it does feel so good to get your home in order, so why wouldn’t you do that for your Pinterest account?  Plus it will freshen up your account for the rest of the year and be well focused on what you want your customers to see.

#1 Let’s clean up those personal boards.

Switch to a business account and hide the personal ones OR set up a Business account from scratch and keep them totally separate. Personally, I use the same account for my personal pinning and my business activities by setting all of my personal boards to ‘secret’ and ensuring that none of the personal content I am searching for or pinning appears on the public face of my Pinterest account.

This keeps my account business focused and enables me to use my account for personal pinning with exactly the same enjoyment and usefulness, it’s just me that sees the Pins!

#2. Start as you want to continue to move forward!

Keyword research is so important on Pinterest.   Spend some time doing this as it will determine so much of what you do moving forward for the year and your success.   While doing this, think about your audience…

Who are you trying to help, and how are you talking to them through your boards?

How does your ideal client think and what words would they be searching for when looking for a solution to their problem?

By working on your keyword research you will be able to find the essential words to use across your account and in the most important 6 places they will be needed after you have used them in your account profile and bio.

Keywords should be present throughout your Pinterest account and you should include them in the following places;

  1. Board Titles
  2. Board Descriptions
  3. Titles of each Pin
  4. Pin descriptions
  5. Text overlay
  6. Check sources – ie does your pin links lead to the correct place?

#3. Your Pinterest Boards

Once you have done that, you can prioritize and clean up your boards and your entire Pinterest account based on the keywords that are relevant to your business but not your personal life!

Rearrange your boards!  It’s important as the first boards your audience sees are the ones with the most engagement and speak to your brand.

Consider deleting or archiving those ‘non-business relevant’ boards.  Your bucket list for traveling or dream designer closet probably isn’t relevant to your ideal client!

 Need more help?

Would you like to chat to me 1-1 about more detailed Keyword tips and Account clean up ideas? For 1-1 Pinterest Coaching or Account Set Up and Management book a complimentary Discovery Call and let’s chat about how we can help you and your business to harness the power of Pinterest marketing.

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