Glad you asked! Results with Pinterest take time to cultivate. I require a minimum 3-month contract with a 14-day termination notice for the Monthly Account Management package.

Do you require a minimum commitment for my Monthly Account Management?


Pinterest is one of the best platforms to use when you are looking to increase traffic back to your website, product page, blog, landing page or build your email list & is more effective in driving traffic than any other social media channel.  If you are looking for effective marketing for your business and have a smaller ad budget (such as a startup, side hustle or small business) then Pinterest is the best option for your marketing to increase your visibility & reach online.

What makes Pinterest so special and why should I invest in it?


I usually require 2 weeks notice to book a service, but I always encourage you to still reach out and contact me as sometimes, spaces become available sooner.

How soon can we get started?


Once the start date has been agreed on and the service contract has been signed, you will receive an invoice. All payments for services are required to be paid upfront before work can start. 

How does payment work?